Flux Cored Wire for carbon dioxide arc welding

We developed a flux cored wire that has weldability, excellent joint performance by development and production of coated Electrode which has been built up over the years since its inception in 1947 and adopted a new technology.


“TAS-10” is a flux cored wire for all position welding using low hydrogen type flux, mainly titania. Can be widely used in many industries such as shipbuilding, bridges, and building.


1) It provides efficient welding due to higher deposition rate at 90%, increasing work efficiency.

2) Welding in a wide current range is possible.

3) This is applicable for all-position welding.
Suitable current range is wide and good workability can be achieved not only from the top or the side but also vertically, going downwards or upwards.

4) Less spatter.
It provides excellent usability with soft and stable arc, less spattering. Decreases the amount of time and work put into removing spatter.

5) Clean bead (welding surface).
Slag can be removed easy and cleanly to significantly reduce working time.


MZ-10 is a very good metal wire for flat and horizontal fillet welding in the welding of steel sheet coated with primer.


1) Resists blowhole when welding inorganic primer coated steel plate.

2) It provides efficient welding due to higher deposition rate particularly because of iron-powder in flux.

3) Reduction of post-welding processing
It provides excellent usability with stable arc and less spattering. A bead with equal gloss is obtained. Suitable for horizontal fillet welding automation and optimization.


MZ-490H was developed as a specialist flux cored wired specific for lateral or horizontal fillet welding.

Features of Lateral Welding Joints

1) Has high deposition capacity and it is possible to reduce the number of passes in lateral welding.
Compared to conventional slag-type wire, it is possible to reduce the number of passes by over 30%.

2) Metal does not flow easily; it is possible to obtain good bead shape and outer appearance.

Features of horizontal fillet welding joints

1) It is possible to achieve length of up to 9mmm in 1 pass horizontal fillet welding.
 Compared to 2 pass operation using conventional slag-type wire, there is approx. 30% arc time reduction effect.

TAS-10 V type

TAS-10 V type has improved vertical upward welding workability more than conventional TAS-10.


1) Metal does not flow and it is possible to achieve a flat and good bead exterior.

2) Combined with a welding truck, it is possible to achieve high quality, high efficiency welding.

3) The arc is soft and there is little spatter so all-position welding workability is also good.

Trade name Typical chemical composition of weld metal (%) Yield point Tensile Strength Elongation Impact value
C Si Mn P S MPa MPa (%) Temperature
TAS-10 0.06 0.53 1.28 0.017 0.013 561 609 27 0 134
MZ-10 0.05 0.47 1.47 0.013 0.011 450 550 32 0 91
MZ-490H 0.04 0.47 1.92 0.012 0.012 461 542 25 0 88
TAS-10 V type 0.05 0.50 1.41 0.017 0.018 566 615 26 0 108

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