Products Handled

Cutting Equipment

A machine for cutting steel. There are types which cut using gas, plasma, lasers and so on.

Products Handled

  • ①NC plasma cutters
  • ②Carbon dioxide laser cutters
  • ③Pipe CNC automatic cutters
  • ④Bandsaws, metal saws, tipped saws
  • Cutters
  • Cutters

Machining and Polishing Equipment

Rotates cutting tools or the material, grinding the steel and making holes or grooves. Magnets or files rotate at high speed, milling and polishing the material.

Products Handled

  • ①Bevelling machines
  • ②Pipe processing machines
  • ③Various types of drills
  • ④Grinders and belt sanders
  • ⑤Grindstones
  • Cutting tools
  • Cutting tools

Bending Equipment

Pipe benders bend pipes to any shape using electricity, hydraulics and so on. Presses squeeze the material between metal moulds, creating the same shape as the mould.

Products Handled

  • ①Pipe benders
  • ②Large movable ram presses
  • ③Angle benders
  • ④Forming presses
  • ⑤Bar bender
  • Bending Equipment
  • Bending Equipment

Welding Materials and Welding Equipment

Welding involves melting and integrating two or more components. Typical methods are arc welding, CO2 and MAG welding (semiautomatic welding), TIG welding and so on.

Products Handled

  • ①Various welding materials
  • ②Various welding equipment
  • Welding Materials and Welding Equipment
  • Welding Materials and Welding Equipment

Coating Equipment

Coats iron, improving its appearance and preventing rust and scratches.

Products Handled

  • ①Coating booths
  • ②Pneumatic airless sprays
  • ③Electric powered airless sprays
  • ④High pressure washers
  • Coating Equipment
  • Coating Equipment

Handling Equipment

This equipment moves heavy iron materials safely and efficiently.

Products Handled

  • ①Ceiling cranes
  • ②Vacuum lifters
  • ③Chain blocks
  • ④Lifting magnets
  • ⑤Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts

High Pressure Gas

Used as fuel for cutting and welding, for shielding and so on. (It is also used for freezing frozen food.)

Products Handled

  • ①Oxygen
  • ②Nitrogen
  • ③Acetylene
  • ④Carbon dioxide gas
  • ⑤Hydrogen
High Pressure Gas

Protective Equipment

Worn on the body, these offer protection from accidents and occupational illness. Glasses, masks, helmets, hats, gloves, shoes, earplugs and so on.

Products Handled

  • ①Safety shoes
  • ②Leather gloves
  • ③Protective glasses
  • ④Dustproof masks
  • ⑤Helmets
  • Protective Equipment
  • Helmets

Inspection and Testing

Products Handled

  • ①Welding method approval testing
  • ②Competency testing
  • ③Machinery testing
  • ④Component analysis
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Inspection and Testing