Use of Personal Information

SWECO (the company) acknowledges the extreme importance of appropriately managing and protecting the personal information provided by customers or clients (personal information) and will work to protect personal information as follows.

1. Obtaining personal information

The company will obtain personal information in the operation of services using appropriate and fair methods within the scope of necessity.

2. Use of Personal Information

Personal information obtained by the company may be used for the purposes below within the required scope by the company and its affiliated group companies.

(1) Responses to enquiries, questions, complaints

(2) Provision of information about events such as exhibitions held by or participated in by the company

(3) All kinds of provision of information such as the company or group companies’ products and services

(4) Personal information obtained during recruiting activities will be used to manage select candidates and send documents, provide information about company information sessions and contact about interviews, etc.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The company will not disclose or provide the personal information that you submit to third parties except in the following circumstances.

(1) If the company has the customer’s consent

(2) If the company is required to provide it legally

4. Management of Personal Information

The company will implement the appropriate safety management policies and work to protect personal information in order to prevent leaks, loss and damage.

5. Disclosure, Revision and Deletion of Personal Information

Requests for the disclosure, revision or deletion or personal information held by the company will be responded to as quickly as is reasonable once received from the customer.

6. Observing laws and standards

Along with observing laws and standards that apply to personal information, the company will revise and improves initiatives in each category above as necessary.

7. Enquiries

The company accepts enquiries about personal information by e-mail.

8. Exemption Clauses

Please read the following exemption clauses before browsing this website. Use of this website is regarded as consent to the following provisions.

(1) The company cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage that results from using the contents of this website.

(2) Regardless of any prior notification to the company, this office cannot take any responsibility for losses that occur through access to this website or losses caused by electronic files from this website or viruses, etc.

(3) The information that composes the contents of this website is up to date at the time of posting and we work hard to maintain accuracy and to update but this is not guaranteed.

(4) We cannot make any guarantees or take any responsibility if a third party links to this website. The company is not involved with this third party’s site and does not control it.

9. Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics provided by Google to understand site usage. Google Analytics uses cookies on your browser and collects information such as the browsing history of this site and user IP addresses. For more information, please see “How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services”.