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Covered Electrodes for Gouging


"AG-1"is a electrode covered with special fluxes on mild steel rods, and carried out easily, groove process, gouging, defect deletion of crack etc. by controlling current and an angle of electrode and base metal without air, by using an alternative or directive current welding equipment.
The shape of carring out a groove and gouging, is U, and the width is up to double of the diameter of electrode, and the depth is up to three times.
Next pass and cladding by welding can be done without extra work, like grinding, or other surface cleaning.

[Notes of usage]
Manipulate the electrode to move front and back, up and down, and remove melting metal. The suitable angle of electrode is 10 ~ 30 degree against base metal. If the angle is less than above, workability is good, but the electrodes is consumed much. If the angle is more than above, workable for deep gouging, but the melting metal is hard to flow.
In case of hole gouging, electrode is kept 90 degree against base metal, and more the electrode up and down direction.

[Recommended currents]
3.2φ   150~200Amp
4.0φ   200~250Amp
5.0φ   300~350Amp

U groove of mild steel, cutting, boring, back gouging, repairing of cast iron and cast steel, the cutting of stainless, copper, alloy, etc.


Brazing flux for silver brazing

The origin of brazing is having been used as a golden work in ancient Mesopotamian civilization.
As a method of bonding the metal is relatively easy and it is possible to obtain a beautiful finish, it has been used to people over the 4500 year.
Torch brazing it is the basis of brazing, flux have an important role.
"BF-1" for silver brazing of our products can good brazing by applying the brazing portion.

Trade Name Container State Activation temperature Applicable brazing material(JIS)
BF-1 Plastic container (100g)
Plastic container (1kg)
Pasty 600~850℃ BR-1,BR-1A,BR-2