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Flux Cored Wire

We developed a flux cored wire that has weldability, excellent joint performance by development and production of Covered Electrode which has been built up over the years since its inception in 1947 and adopted a new technology.



"TAS-10" is a flux cored wire for all position welding using low hydrogen type flux mainly titania.
You can be widely used in many industries shipbuilding, bridges, and building.


1) It provides efficient welding due to higher deposition rate particularly.
2) Welding in a wide current range is possible.
3) This is applicable for all-position welding including vertical.
4) It provides excellent usability with soft and stable arc, less spattering.
5) Slag can be removed easy and finely, you can significantly reduce the working time.



MZ-10 is a very good metal wire for the flat and horizontal fillet welding in the welding of steel sheet coated with primer.


1) Resist blowhole when welding inorganic primer coated steel plate.
2) It provides efficient welding due to higher deposition rate particularly because Iron-powder in flux.
3) It provides excellent usability with stable arc, less spattering. A bead with the equal gloss is obtained.

Trade name Classify Welding condition
(Heat input)
Welding positions JIS Typical chemical composition of weld metal (Shield Gas:CO2) Yield point Tensile Strength Elongation Absorbed energy
C Si Mn P S Cu MPa MPa (%) Temp.
TAS-10 Mild steel and 490MPa high tensile steel 20kJ All position Z3313 
0.04 0.45 1.24 0.012 0.012 0.05 500 570 28 0 86
50kJ 0.05 0.36 1.05 0.013 0.012 0.05 410 490 35 0 53
MZ-10 20kJ Flat,Horizontal Fillet Z3313 
0.05 0.47 1.47 0.013 0.011 0.04 450 550 32 0 91
50kJ 0.04 0.61 1.68 0.015 0.013 0.10 410 490 30 0 78